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Thinking about purchasing your home? That’s great! Home Partners is committed to making homeownership a reality for more people. Check your lease agreement to be sure you have a Right to Purchase Agreement and then click on the correct link below. You will be redirected to Simply fill out the short form and you will be on your way!

Our Purchase Department will email you an Exercise Notice for you to complete and return. All Purchase Right Holders must sign for the Exercise Notice to be effective. Below are a few important reminders about the purchase of your home:

  • Only leaseholders that have a Right to Purchase Agreement in addition to their lease agreement are eligible to purchase the home.
  • You can elect to exercise your right to purchase at any point during your lease term! You do not need to wait until the end of your lease term to purchase.
  • Your purchase price is tied to your lease dates. This means, the first date of your new lease term is the first date of your new purchase price. In order to purchase the home at the current year’s pricing, we must close by or before your lease term end date.
  • We need at least 30 days’ notice in order to close on the home. This means we will need to receive the Exercise Notice no less than 30 days before the day you wish to close. If we receive the Exercise Notice with fewer than 30 days’ notice from your lease term end date, the purchase contract will be drafted using the next year’s pricing.
  • Home Partners is not a mortgage company and does not provide financing. It is the responsibility of the resident to choose a lender and secure financing. Not sure where to start? You may want to check out this website for potential options: